Large Low Grain

The latest technology in fast drying (Low Grain Dehumidification) continues drying at lower humidity levels. A favourite with restoration specialists.

Key Features



Water Removal

Max per 24 Hr: 63 Litres


Lowers Humidity

Level to 20% RH

Air Movement

Per Hour: 289M3/hour

Power Consumption


Supply Voltage


Technician’s Review

“Great machine for drying propertys faster without having to completely strip them out as this machine gets the humidity far lower than a conventional dehumidifier. This machine lowers the humidity to 20% for faster drying”

Typical Applications

– Drying Flooded offices, hotels and homes

– New Build Structural drying

– Renovation Drying

– Low Grain Faster Drying

For best results – combine with airmovers to help promote evaporation – the key to successful drying.

Humidity Control

– Domestic Condensation Control

– Controlling Humidity in Gyms & Server Rooms, Offices, shops etc

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