Large Low Grain
Commercial Dehumidifier

Fastest drying commercial dehumidifier available using the latest technology in fast drying (Low Grain Dehumidification) Ideal for drying large domestic and commercial properties whilst still living or working in the properties.

Key Features



Water Removal

Max per 24 Hr: 95 Litres


Lowers Humidity

Level to 20% RH

Air Movement

Per Hour: 513M3/hour

Power Consumption


Supply Voltage


Technician’s Review

“In our opinion this is the best machine on the market today if you are looking to dry a property fast without disruption. This machine lowers the humidity to 20% with greater airflow making it the fastest drying dehumidifier in its catogory.”

Typical Applications

– Drying Flooded offices, hotels and large areas

– New Build Structural drying

– Renovation Drying

– Low Grain Faster Drying

– Carpets dry within hours

– The fastest drying Dehumidifier available

Humidity Control

– Commercial Humidity Control

– Controlling Humidity in Gyms & Server Rooms, Offices, shops and large areas

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